My life story is the American Dream!

    Currently, I am the squadron commander of a Reserve C-17 unit at Travis AFB, CA and have served our country for more than 22 years in the US Air Force on active duty and in the Reserves. I am a pilot for United Airlines and have owned a small business in property management and development. Kristy and I have been married for over 22 years, and continue to raise our three amazing children Holly, Luke and Audrey. Vacaville has been our home since 1995.

    I grew up on welfare, but through education and military service to our Country, I have developed the necessary leadership skills required to strongly represent the people of the 8 counties in Congressional District 3.

    My Air Force career has given me a tremendous amount of experience with government budgets. My experience as a business owner and union member has given me insight on both sides of how our economy works. My God-given ability and college degree in math has allowed me to be comfortable working with numbers. However, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand the simple budget, "Common Sense", that you should spend less money than you make. This lesson has been lost on those in charge in Washington. And just like in business, when management fails, the people pay. We cannot afford our country's management team anymore. But, unlike business, in the United States of America, "We the People" are the Board of Directors, and we can fire management! Here is some more of my story:

  • Born in 1967 and raised in a rural, one stop-sign town in Wisconsin as the son of a single mother surviving on welfare.

  • Began working at age 11, dreamed of becoming an astronaut, graduated from Arrowhead High School with honors in 1985 and received an academic, military scholarship for college.

  • Attended California State University, Fresno earning a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and a commission in the United States Air Force as a Distinguished Graduate of AFROTC. Also married the love of my life, Kristy - all in 1989.

  • My first assignment in the Air Force took us to Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas, where I spent 5 years as a T-38 instructor pilot working with our NATO allies. Our first child, Holly, was born before we were transferred in 1995.

  • My Next active duty assignment took us to Travis AFB, California where I flew around the globe as an Aircraft Commander of the free world's largest Strategic Airlift asset, the C-5. We completed our family with the births of our next two children, Luke and Audrey. I left active duty to continue my service in the USAF Reserves in 1998.

  • 1999, I was hired as a pilot with United Airlines.

  • 2001, we started a property development and management company.

  • 2003, activated from part-time to full time Reserves for Operation IRAQI FREEDOM and served full time in the Reserves until 2009.

  • 2004, served at Pacific Command Headquarters, Camp Smith, Oahu as a budget officer.

  • 2006, served as the Chief of Training during our unit’s conversion to the C-17 and was responsible for the huge task of training the entire squadron in our new weapon system.

  • 2010, ran for Congress against 36 year incumbent and co-author of Obamacare, George Miller. I did not win this time, but gained valuable experience and tremendous voter support for our next run.

  • After the election in 2010, I was selected to command the 301st Airlift Squadron at Travis AFB, CA. This Reserve unit flies the world’s most advanced Strategic Airlift aircraft, the C-17.

  • With your help the next line in my biography will read: - "Elected to Congress, fought to balance our nation's budget and helped save the American Dream for our children and grand children."


*Disclaimer: Rick is a 22 year veteran of the United States Air Force and its Reserves. However; use of his military rank, descriptions of military service , job titles, and photographs in uniform do not imply an endorsement by the Department of the Air Force or the Department of Defense.

*Disclaimer: Rick is a Pilot for United Airlines. However; photographs in uniform, descriptions of employment, and descriptions of union membership do not imply an endorsement by United Airlines, The Airline Pilots Association, or that of any Parent company, Subsidiary, or Partner of United Airlines.

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