Our country has plenty of problems. What we need is solutions! Many of those problems result in trillion dollar plus deficits our federal government keeps racking up year after year. Taking the steps necessary to balance that budget will solve high unemployment, over regulation, and wasteful spending of your tax dollars. Most importantly, balancing our federal budget will ensure the American Dream of freedom and opportunity stays alive for our children and grand children. buy soma online tramadol online no prescription valium online no prescription buy xanax online without prescription buy ambien without prescription buy ativan online klonopin for sale meridia online without prescription

   I am a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force Reserve and have served our country in uniform for over 22 years. Solving problems has been my job. I am currently the commander of a Reserve C-17 squadron at Travis AFB. I have flown in two theaters of war as well balanced several multi-million dollar military budgets. Yes, folks, it can be done! We just need to elect people with the will and skill to do it.

   I have owned a small business and dealt with strangling government regulations that hinder job growth. I know firsthand where the problems start.

   Our country’s government is broken and is failing future generations by piling up trillions in debt as evidence of its mismanagement. If we, Americans, continue to re-elect the very people that put us in this mess, nothing will change.

   I offer a common-sense approach to solving problems. No partisan politics, no hidden agendas just fix it the best way possible for the American people!

   Instead of politicians kicking the can down the road because they are too afraid to make a decision, we need leaders that can work with people from all sides of the aisle. I have spent my entire adult life doing just that - solving problems and getting the job done. I am trained, experienced, and ready to get the job done in Washington D.C. as your congressman.

As the debt GROWS,
the American Dream SHRINKS!

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*Disclaimer: Rick is a 22 year veteran of the United States Air Force and its Reserves. However; use of his military rank, descriptions of military service , job titles, and photographs in uniform do not imply an endorsement by the Department of the Air Force or the Department of Defense.

*Disclaimer: Rick is a Pilot for United Airlines. However; photographs in uniform, descriptions of employment, and descriptions of union membership do not imply an endorsement by United Airlines, The Airline Pilots Association, or that of any Parent company, Subsidiary, or Partner of United Airlines.

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