No excuses, no complaints that it can't be done - just do it! I have balanced multi-million dollar military budgets, small business budgets and with the help of my wife, our family budget. The same rules apply in Washington, we just need to elect people with the will and skill to get it done. I have both, and I will never vote for a budget that does not contain a defined goal of balancing our federal budget.

 Our nation's debt - our debt is currently and growing by over 2 million dollars every minute of every day with no hope of an end in sight. This is an inexcusable lack of responsibility on our elected officials' part. They are robbing from our children and grand children to pay for our current excess and waste. This is unconscionable and must be stopped by replacing the very people who have failed us and put our children's future at risk. Thank God, in America we can do exactly that!


 More government bailouts or stimulus packages paid for with more debt are not the answer, but well paying, good jobs are. American workers are the best educated and most productive in the world. Unfortunately, our twentieth century tax code, regulations, and tort laws are not, which leaves America at a competitive disadvantage and too often a loser in the global economy. This undue government burden on American job creators is the major cause they too often go overseas or just outright disappear. The world is leaving America behind in the global market place. We must upgrade our tax, regulatory, and legal structure to reflect 21st century realities, so America will be the preferred country to create -and keep- economy-growing JOBS.


  Politicians have kept themselves in office by buying votes with tax-payer funded, government promises. They have failed to do their job of stewarding our money. As a result they have irresponsibly grown the size and cost of government and lost the trust of the American people. There are tens of billions of dollars spent on programs the government just should cease. There are billions of dollars lost to waste, fraud and inefficiency annually. Our government MUST do better with our money. We must elect people who can make the difficult decisions now. I have a plan that will balance the budget in 4 years, as well as begin to pay down our debt.


  Let me be as clear as possible. REPEAL OBAMACARE! - do it before it destroys the best healthcare system in the world. A government takeover of our health care with all of its inefficiency and waste will not improve anything. It will only continue to dump more debt onto our children to pay for a broken system. We must first reduce the cost of health care to make it as cost effective (cheap) as possible, so as many people as possible can afford it. Replace Obamacare with common sense reforms that cut waste, reduce cost and improve coverage without the government taking over one-sixth of our nation's economy and your relationship with your doctor.


  We have debated this issue for over 30 years and done nothing to solve the long term problem. California's number one industry, agriculture along with the farmers and workers whose livelihood depend on it, have been severally hurt by the lack of action of those who sit and debate this issue without end. Tens of thousands have lost their jobs, while food prices continue to rise because California lets its fields go bone dry. Protecting the environment was the intent of these misguided restrictions leading to our water shortage, and now our precious Delta is next on the chopping block. We must act now to increase the supply of water for our population, our Delta, and the agriculture industry. It can be done, if we have the courage to once-and-for-all make a decision and act. No solution satisfies every concern. Sacrifices must be made to implement a plan that will solve our most pressing needs. We cannot afford to debate this issue for another 30 years. The solution starts with increased storage of winter rains with new dams and reservoirs as well as utilizing the common practice of recycled water for non-drinking water uses. We must invest in the necessary infrastructure today to solve this problem before it is too late.


 Whether you believe in global warming or not, fossil fuels are a 20th Century technology that will need to be replaced in the 21st. Today, we are developing cheap, clean energy sources for our future. Natural gas and nuclear power are proven, safe technologies we must take advantage of now to bridge the gap to the new energy sources of tomorrow. Reliance on foreign oil continues to hinder our national security and economy, so moving away from it has to be a national priority. Punishing fossil fuel use with higher taxes and more regulations (Cap and Trade) is not the answer. It will only hurt the economy and take away the financial support needed to produce the next century's new energy sources.


 Common sense, practical solutions do not include a party name. It is the solutions that work that I will work to implement. If someone else has a solution that works, they will have my support regardless of their party. We are all Americans first. This is our country. Our country requires our very best to ensure its success today and for future generations to come. Both parties share the blame for the mess we are in. It will take leaders in both parties to work together on solutions that work to get us out this mess. We have given life long politicians like John Garamendi long enough to try and fix what is broke. They have had their chance to try their ideas and they have failed. It is time to replace them and let new people with fresh ideas fix what is broke.


 American freedom is based upon the individual rights defined by our Constitution. American freedom has made this country the best in human history as well as the beacon of hope to all freedom loving people in the world. The very purpose of the government formed by our Founding Fathers was to protect these unalienable rights. The more government grows taking away our rights, the more we become dependent on that government and the less free we live. The First, Second and Tenth Amendments have been some of the most controversial. Yet our freedom of speech and religion, our right to keep and bear arms, and the edict that powers not included in the Constitution are to be delegated to the States or the people are the most foundational to our freedom. For 22 years as a commissioned officer in the United States Air Force through peace and combat, I have upheld my oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. As your congressman, I will continue to steadfastly defend our freedom and fight to ensure our rights are protected!

*Disclaimer: Rick is a 22 year veteran of the United States Air Force and its Reserves. However; use of his military rank, descriptions of military service , job titles, and photographs in uniform do not imply an endorsement by the Department of the Air Force or the Department of Defense.

*Disclaimer: Rick is a Pilot for United Airlines. However; photographs in uniform, descriptions of employment, and descriptions of union membership do not imply an endorsement by United Airlines, The Airline Pilots Association, or that of any Parent company, Subsidiary, or Partner of United Airlines.

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